Overall the crew of the Titanic totaled 885 people and only 215 survived. Crew jobs ranged from the visible like the Deck Crew, or the service roles that had little passenger contact. The Deck Crew included the Officers, Masters at arms, Storemasters and able bodied seamen.

The Engineering Crew were responsible for keeping Titanic running. Engines, generators, and other mechanical equipment on the were managed by Engineers, Boilermen, Firemen and Electricians. They were the highest paid of the crew and had the education and technical expertise to operate, maintain, and repair the engineering plant. The Victualing Crew included the stewards, restaurant, and galley staff. There were 5 post masters aboard, and 8 musicians.

The guarantee group, 9 members from Belfast, were also considered crew, although their purpose for the maiden voyage was to solely supervise anything that needed to be fixed. No one survived from this group.

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