Titanic Today

After 100 years, interest in the story of the RMS Titanic has never been stronger. New centennial exhibits launch across the globe adding to the countless books, films and exhibits that have explored almost every detail of the story. The fascination has rekindled interest following not just the discovery of the wreck in 1985, but in the hundreds of exhibited artifacts recovered and of course the movies and documentaries.

Like the wreck itself, which sits almost out of reach at 2.5 miles undersea, the story of the disaster sits just on the bounds of modern memory. The last survivor has passed away, and first hand recollections of that era collect in photos and archives, a distant memory that is being compressed by time.

Unlike previous disasters, the story of RMS Titanic ushered in modern scale, never before seen. It was the largest passenger steamship of its time, a gilded age of great wealth and great hope-- linking the old world to the new, not just by sea but by technology.

The Ship
The Journey
The People