Not just the home port of Titanic, Southampton provided most of the crew. Titanic left on April 5 1912 from the White Star Dock berth 44. Almost a third of the casualties, 549, came from Southampton. Only one was a passenger.

In 1912 Southampton was home port to many steamship companies. A deep-water dock was built to accommodate the Olympic class ocean liners and White Star Line transferred service from Liverpool to Southampton. Southampton’s first public museum opened in 1912, and a monument to the engineers of the Titanic is just one of many memorials dedicated to those lost.

The passenger trade was a boon to the local economy. New shops, restaurants and businesses opened to service the passengers. In 1912 Southampton has population of over 119,000 and growing due to job opportunities in the docks, in shipbuilding and on board the ships that sailed from her docks.

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