The Ship

The ship was the largest ship of her day. 882 ft long, 104 ft high, a draft of 59 ft, and 7 decks. She was also the most expensive, she cost approximately 1.5 million pounds, or 7.5 million dollars to build over three years. More than 3 million rivets, every inch of her was hand made by the shipyard workers of Harland & Wolf in Belfast.

The Titanic was a technological marvel, a state of the art ship for the most part. 2 steam engines fueled by coal, one axillary steam turbine, three propellers, 29 boilers and 159 furnaces. She had 16 compartments, 15 transverse watertight bulkheads (walls), 12 watertight doors separated the compartments that could be activated manually or by electro-magnet and a double hull. Her top speed was estimated to be 23/24 knots.

For the passengers, she accommodate 735 first class, 674 second class and 1026 third class passengers. A squash court, a sea water swimming pool, a turkish bath decorated with colorful tile, teak, mahogany and oak carved appointments.

The Shipyard
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